Review of Top 5 Monitoring Software Packages for the Enterprise

Top Monitoring Software Packages-2Log management and event management software is becoming key in monitoring servers. Software packages can categorize logs, make logs searchable, and help with management tasks. As an enterprise IT managed Services company and cloud implementer, IT Support Miami utilizes a variety of monitoring software packages. This is a five-part review on some of the most asked about monitoring software packages on the market today.

Benefits of management services:

  • Hosted in the Cloud – Most these software packages are hosted in the cloud which means you do no need extra computer resources to have them installed. Being in the cloud they can be used from any where
  • Central and Searchable – All your logs can be management with one tool. Rather than searching through event logs in windows, you can easy find the service with the issue. Since the software logs all the information you can search through errors much faster using query’s.
  • Alerts- with management server in the cloud you will always receive alerts on the servers you are monitoring. Monitoring agents inside of your own network can sometimes not report due to being unavailable. Setup custom alerts for better management of servers.Top Monitoring Software Packages-2

The Monitoring Software Packages for the Enterprise and most commonly used are:

  1. Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS)
  2. Splunk
  3. Elastic Stack using ELK
  4. Amazon CloudWatch
  5. Sumo Logic

IT Support Miami’s review will cover the quality of logs, user interface, pros/cons, and give a star rating (1-5) to each of the five software’s.


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