KRACK Attack serious weaknesses in WPA2 Wi-Fi

Researcher Mathy Vanhoef, from Belgian university KU Leuven, released information on his hack, dubbing it KRACK, for Key Reinstallation Attack - https://www.krackattacks.com/ The weaknesses are in the Wi-Fi standard itself, and not in individual products or implementations. Therefore, any correct implementation of WPA2 is likely affected. To prevent the attack, users must update affected products as soon [...]

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Point-to-Point Bridge And Micros POS Integration

An IT Support Miami client owns a hotel on the beachfront of Miami Beach. The hotel's restaurant wanted to convenience its guests by allowing them to order food on the beach. However, it would be costly for the hotel to have employees constantly running back and forth from the beach kiosk. Employees would have to [...]

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Sharing Network Access Between Businesses Using VLANs

In high density office buildings, small businesses often have to share office space and sometimes resources. In one case, a company had excess office space and rented it out to another company. The new tenants suggested that they both use the same existing printer. This necessitated both businesses having access to the same network. Sharing [...]

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Network Reconstruction – The IT Support Miami Way

A company in South Florida had technical problems and asked their IT provider to recover their servers’ backup. The company’s network was unavailable. Its productivity was brought to a halt until the servers were up and running again. The IT provider did not manage to retrieve the backup for two full days and the backup [...]

Wi-Fi Wireless Site Survey

  Wi-Fi wireless networks are everywhere. They are a critical component of most business infrastructures. They need to be examined, explained, and held accountable. IT Support Miami provides a complete Wireless Site Survey that shows you what's going on inside your 802.11 network. Our Wi-Fi Site Survey provides advanced data collection and visualization capabilities that form a [...]

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Cisco Meraki WiFi with Facebook Login

Cisco Meraki WiFi with Facebook Login is now part of Cisco Meraki CMX. Cisco Meraki already provides an intuitive, easy-to-configure solution for secure guest WiFi that many customers have deployed. But what if you want to provide a more seamless sign-on experience, or increase brand exposure via your guest access deployment? Now you can do [...]

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Wi-Fi Access Point Real-time Monitoring

Internet connection data caps are becoming more widespread in the US. Internet service providers may claim their data limits are good for “millions of emails,” but emails are small and HD videos on Netflix are much, much larger. Our managed Wi-Fi solution and monitoring system, is really amazing for monitoring your bandwidth usage. The view detailed above shows you [...]

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Security Flaw Crash Any iPhone or iPad

Security Flaw Lets Attackers Crash Any iPhone or iPad Within Wi-Fi Range At the RSA security conference in San Francisco today (4/21/15), researchers from security firm Skycure presented ‘No iOS Zone’, a vulnerability that would let attackers crash any iOS device within range of a WiFi hotspot — whether you deliberately connect or not. Gulp. [...]

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