Google, Red Hat discover critical DNS security flaw

February 24, 2016 11:58 GMT Google and security firm Red Hat have discovered a critical security flaw in the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS) that affects a library in a universally used protocol. This means an attacker could use it to infect almost everything on the entire internet. With the flawed code spread far and [...]

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Apple OS X Mavericks bash Update OS X

Apple released security fixes for Shellshock, update your macs OS X bash Update 1.0 – OS X Mavericks This document outlines security updates for Apple products.

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How to protect from the Shellshock Bash bug

A worrying new security vulnerability has muscled its way onto the Internet, and world-leading security experts are saying it's even worse than this year's Heartbleed fiasco. Called "Bash" or "Shellshock", the security flaw is inherent to a computer's shell. This is the user interface that accesses operating systems like Command Prompt, and means that many [...]

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Bash or Shellshock bug

A new security vulnerability known as the Bash or Shellshock bug could spell disaster for major digital companies, small-scale Web hosts and even Internet-connected devices. The quarter-century-old security flaw allows malicious code execution within the bash shell (commonly accessed through Command Prompt on PC or Mac's Terminal application) to take over an operating system and [...]

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