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Why should I do updates?

Question: What are these computer updates that I keep hearing about, and why should I care?  Answer: If your computers and servers are updated properly, they can help keep your data safe, and will allow your employees to do their work. If they are not carefully screened, monitored, and installed properly, very bad things will [...]

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Patch Tuesday Security update for Group Policy KB3159398 MS16-072

It appears to be an issue with where a group policy has used an Active Directory Security group in the Security Filtering section. In that scenario the GPO's that are filtered to specific security groups do not apply, where as the GPO's which use the default Authenticated Users group in the security filtering do seem [...]

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Microsoft KB3126446 Unending Reboot Loop

Released as part of security updates (MS16-017) for Patch Tuesday this month to solve vulnerabilities in its Remote Desktop display driver, the original KB article warned that multiple reboots may be needed - particularly those running Windows 7 with SP1. Fortunately, once the reboot nightmare ends the PC is protected. It’s just getting to that [...]

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Security flaw Windows operating systems

A vulnerability in Window's Internet Explorer was brought to light earlier this week thanks to a host of researchers. Although Microsoft's new browser, Edge, is unaffected by the flaw the company has released a patch MS15-106 to mend Internet explorer. The flaw, if exploited, would allow an attacker to gain user rights on a machine [...]

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