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Find the right IT services Fort Lauderdale for all your IT support needs through a dependable, trustworthy IT company in South Florida. IT Support Miami is a fast and responsive IT service provider that attends to all major South Florida cities. Operating locally since 2001, our clients look to us for addressing their IT support [...]

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APPLE Managed IT Services (IOS & MAC)

In today’s fast-moving IT landscape, Apple products are playing a significant role. Companies are integrating iPads, iPhones, Apple TVs and iMACs into their organization allowing for a richer user experience.  Until recently, Apple integration has been difficult since management controls have been lacking enterprise abilities. This is especially true for Healthcare were HIPAA and compliance [...]

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IT Support Miami’s Managed Cloud Server Services

  WHAT IS IT SUPPORT MIAMI’S HISTORY WITH MANAGED CLOUD SERVER SERVICES? Since 2001, IT Support  Miami has delivered rock-solid Microsoft Remote Desktop and Citrix Services to clients on their physical servers.  In 2008, IT Support  Miami started to deliver a fully managed private cloud solutions by hosting private cloud servers in secure network centers [...]

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IT Security Fortnite Video Game Endanger Personal and Banking Information

On Wednesday June 20, 2018, IT Support Miami, South Florida’s leader in Managed IT Services, was interviewed by Maria Fernanda Lopez a reporter with Univision Communications Inc. (Channel 23) for an important news story regarding IT Security, video games and your personal and banking information. See the video >here<. IT Support Miami has published detailed [...]

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Hyperconverged Failover Cluster

Hyperconverged Failover Cluster A hyperconverged fail-over server cluster is a high availability virtualization and storage cluster which uses commodity servers (i.e. normal servers with direct attached storage) arranged in a single tier (as opposed to a shared storage cluster, which separates compute and storage onto different tiers). The beauty of a hyperconverged server cluster is [...]

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Security Awareness Training In 2018

2017 was the most intensive IT security year on record - see our blog on "Top 10 IT Cyber Security 2017 Facts and Stats". To start 2018 with a simple, effective, IT security strategy is an excellent New Year's resolution and helps your business stay  in business. This list provides a high-level strategy you need [...]

Does Your Business Need to be HIPAA Compliant?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT (HIPAA) is designed to help protect American workers and their families with continued health insurance coverage and establish industry-wide guidelines to protect the confidential use of personal healthcare information. According to HIPAA, if you are belonging to the category of “covered entities” or “business associates,” and you handle [...]

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Sumo Logic Monitoring Software Review

Top 5 Monitoring Software Packages for the Enterprise Sumo Logic Sumo Logic offers a very diverse product that monitors your servers, AWS instances, and security. Pros: The user interface is easy to navigate and isolating data to a server is simple. Sumo Logic does offer autocomplete but does take some getting use too.  The insert [...]

Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring Software Review

Top 5 Monitoring Software Packages for the Enterprise Amazon CloudWatch Amazon AWS is one of the best cloud services on the market today but their CloudWatch product could use some improvements. Pros: The best part about CloudWatch is that it directly integrates with your AWS instances. Logs are generated from both your instances as well [...]

Elastic Stack Using Elk Monitoring Software Review

Top 5 Monitoring Software Packages for the Enterprise Elastic Stack Elastic Stack is a great open source product that gives great log management. Elastic Stack is made up of three different products which creates ELK. Elasticsearch, provides search engine to help analyze data. Logstash, provides the pipeline to feed data into your Elasticsearch. Kibana, provides [...]