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Our Google business account boasts a 5 star review rating. Our problem is that we only have 3 reviews! We understand that our clients are busy people who are always working. They expect rapid responses and effective solutions from our highly trained team of technicians. We like to believe that we deliver to our customers’ [...]

This site may be hacked” message

You'll see the message "This site may be hacked" when we believe a hacker might have changed some of the existing pages on the site or added new spam pages. If you visit the site, you could be redirected to spam or malware. What to do when you see this message We recommend that you [...]

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Google to remove pirating links from search results

In 2011 the search engine received only a few hundred requests a day to remove pirating links from it's listings. Today the requests average at 2 million per day, which equates to approximately 25 links a second. The surge is primarily due to an exponentially increasing amount of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take down [...]

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Bug found in Android Gmail App

Chinese security researcher Yan Zhu has recently uncovered an exploit that allows users to send emails masqueraded as someone else, which apparently is as simple as chainging one's display name in the app's account settings. All Zhu had to do appear to be a Google employee was change her name to Yan "[email protected]". The redundant [...]

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Microsoft Office 365 for the Enterprise

One of the nice things about most of the business Office 365 plans is that they come with the ability for users to download Microsoft's suite of desktop apps. Office 365 Midsize Business, for example, comes with desktop versions of all of Microsoft's programs, including Word and Excel, and can be installed locally on up [...]

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