Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring Software Review

Top 5 Monitoring Software Packages for the Enterprise Amazon CloudWatch Amazon AWS is one of the best cloud services on the market today but their CloudWatch product could use some improvements. Pros: The best part about CloudWatch is that it directly integrates with your AWS instances. Logs are generated from both your instances as well [...]

Azure vs. AWS: Cloud Comparison

Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon Web Services:Cloud Comparison Direct side-by-side comparisons aren't always possible between two service providers like Azure and Amazon, but some of them are close enough. The table below is an attempt at making those comparisons. This list of services is far from complete. Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services (AWS) Available Regions Azure [...]

AWS Vs Azure Comparing Cloud Pricing

Comparing cloud pricing is complicated. For any piece of infrastructure or platform as a service — computing, storage, networking, web services — cloud companies charge different per-hour (or even per-minute) fees, with discounts and spot pricing further complicating matters. On average, compute resources represent 75-80 percent of cloud price. Each major cloud provider offers different [...]

Amazon moves into the Internet of Things market

On Thursday the largest American cloud service provider has announced it's plans to start supporting the Internet of Things (otherwise known as IoT) platform. In essence Amazon will be competing with Microsoft, IBM and Cisco in creating networks that gather data on everything from light bulbs to electric cars and wind turbines. As of 2013 [...]

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