Top 5 Monitoring Software Packages for the Enterprise

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic offers a very diverse product that monitors your servers, AWS instances, and security.

Pros: The user interface is easy to navigate and isolating data to a server is simple. Sumo Logic does offer autocomplete but does take some getting use too.  The insert into query search option is very helpful. Using this feature you can add operators for a line that you would like to search for. Another bonus is the AWS integration which offers real time performance and security insight into the server.

Cons: I have a small issue with the fact after you log in you do not see active logs right away. You need to select a time and “Start”.  Pulling data through the query is difficult at times. There is autocomplete but it lacks flow of script and proper punctuations.

Stars: ****

Sumo Logic Autocomplete

Sumo Logic Autocomplete


SumoLogic Logs

SumoLogic Logs

Monitoring Software Packages for the Enterprise and most commonly used are:

  1. Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS)
  2. Splunk
  3. Elastic Stack using ELK
  4. Amazon CloudWatch
  5. Sumo Logic

IT Support Miami’s review will cover the quality of logs, user interface, pros/cons, and give a star rating (1-5) to each of the five software’s.


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