An IT Support Miami client owns a hotel on the beachfront of Miami Beach. The hotel’s restaurant wanted to convenience its guests by allowing them to order food on the beach. However, it would be costly for the hotel to have employees constantly running back and forth from the beach kiosk. Employees would have to return to the hotel to put orders in, charge credit cards, and receive food/drinks. This would result in shorter shifts for the employees because of the tiring nature of the job. In turn, the hotel would need to hire more employees to take care of this simple job. So they contacted IT Support Miami to determine a solution.

Point-to-Point And POS Integration

IT Support Miami’s technicians recognized the nature of their problem and designed a custom solution. They were able to setup a Point-to-Point (P2P) network connection from the rooftop of the hotel down to the kiosk on the beachfront. This entailed the installation of a P2P bridge on the roof and an Access Point (AP) in the kiosk. As shown in the image below, the connection was about 600 ft. long. This is relatively short for a P2P connection as they can function at distances from a few hundred meters to over ten miles. In any case, the P2P Bridge was the best solution for our beachfront hotel clients.

Image illustrating the 600 ft Point-to-Point Bridge connection from rooftop to beachfront kiosk. Enables POS system for hotel restaurant.

An important aspect to consider was also what software the beachfront kiosk would use. So our technicians deliberated and decided that the kiosk should run using Micros POS (point-of-sale) integration solutions. The Micros POS system allows employees at the kiosk to take orders and charge guest credit cards. That way, the kitchen knows the order, prepares it, and notifies the kiosk employees when it is ready to be picked up and taken to the customer. Hotel guests now enjoy their beach experience to the fullest without being interrupted in any way.


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