A company in South Florida had technical problems and asked their IT provider to recover their servers’ backup. The company’s network was unavailable. Its productivity was brought to a halt until the servers were up and running again. The IT provider did not manage to retrieve the backup for two full days and the backup that they did retrieve was not at all recent. This caused the company to be set back even more while they tried to get their network back up to date.

When this happened, the company was understandably distraught and no longer trusted their IT provider. The company requested that our technicians at IT Support Miami come out to their workplace to assess their system’s situation further.

Dangerous System Conditions

Our technicians were met with unsatisfactory conditions. They were able to find neither recovery images nor recovery disks meaning that system backup was not occurring. There were multiple free trials of antivirus software. This lack of upkeep is why the backup that the IT provider performed was outdated.

Examples of reputable antivirus software applications which offer free trials. Usually only up to 90 days until expiration.

Their IT provider had not purchased a license for antivirus software so they were using free trials of many different antiviruses. This can be extremely dangerous because different antivirus software are typically meant for different uses. Not only that, but free trials tend to be far less reliable than fully licensed software.

The company was paying specific fees to their IT provider for system backup and for an antivirus software package. However, the provider simply was not performing the services as advertised. The network failure halted business production and caused significant financial impact, but it was a blessing in disguise. They could have had catastrophic issues with the condition that their system was in.

A New Plan of Action: Reconstructing the Network

At IT Support Miami we have begun to design a system plan for the company to follow moving forward. Our plan consists of a set of cloud data storage solutions to ensure that data is backed up and secure. We plan on providing both local and cloud backups. Local backup recovery is quick and easily available which makes it a worthwhile investment. However, local backups are less reliable and less secure. Cloud backups are slower and take longer to access but are extremely reliable and secure. Both local and cloud systems utilize automated backups after office hours to ensure that a recent backup is present.

Image illustrating a computer being backed up to both the cloud and to a physical local server.

The system will be monitored 24/7 and will report any viruses or malware whenever present. We provide enterprise grade cloud-based antivirus software that is specially designed for business platforms.

All of these services will be provided with unlimited data storage for a flat rate. For a business to truly be secure and easily recoverable, having a plan like this is a necessity.


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