Email Phishing – Social Media Biggest IT Security ThreatPhishing Emails Outlook

Here is another PHISHING example – a fake email from Microsoft asking you to address an email issue. If you are not aware of the scam, you may click the link and provide access to the “bad guys”.

Always hover your mouse curse (without clicking the link) over the link so to expose the true destination of the URL – in this case NOT Microsoft.  Just delete the email and notify your IT services provider of the issue – forward them the email.  Part of IT Support Miami’s proactive service would be to add the email sender to a “blocked email” list and remotely delete the email from the enterprise email server.  Keep in mind that if you use a basic email service provider, there is not much you can do to proactively stop these kind of phishing emails.   Lower your risk by having IT Support Miami move you and your enterprise to an email service like Office 365 or Google G-Suite.

Phishing Emails Outlook URLNo matter how good your IT security implementations are, the biggest threat to your enterprise is the social factor – your staff, colleagues, family etc. IT Support Miami can help you train your team on how not to fall victim to email phishing. IT Support Miami can setup good IT security policies and make sure you are doing everything possible to reduce the risk.

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