KRACK Attack serious weaknesses in WPA2 Wi-Fi

Researcher Mathy Vanhoef, from Belgian university KU Leuven, released information on his hack, dubbing it KRACK, for Key Reinstallation Attack - https://www.krackattacks.com/ The weaknesses are in the Wi-Fi standard itself, and not in individual products or implementations. Therefore, any correct implementation of WPA2 is likely affected. To prevent the attack, users must update affected products as soon [...]

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Network Protection – Integrating SonicWall DPI-SSL

The Internet is a realm on which people can share information and experience. This open forum creates an endless amount of knowledge and experience. However, it is also a place where computers can very easily be affected by malware including viruses, ransomware, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, and others. Webpage creators know how to get peoples’ [...]

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Point-to-Point Bridge And Micros POS Integration

An IT Support Miami client owns a hotel on the beachfront of Miami Beach. The hotel's restaurant wanted to convenience its guests by allowing them to order food on the beach. However, it would be costly for the hotel to have employees constantly running back and forth from the beach kiosk. Employees would have to [...]

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Unable to Connect to Remote Office Desktop

An IT Support Miami client contacted us because he was unable to connect to his remote office desktop using his home computer. This came as a surprise to the client and our technicians because he connected remotely daily using that same computer. This meant that there were several possible problems with his computer. Checking Connections [...]

Sharing Network Access Between Businesses Using VLANs

In high density office buildings, small businesses often have to share office space and sometimes resources. In one case, a company had excess office space and rented it out to another company. The new tenants suggested that they both use the same existing printer. This necessitated both businesses having access to the same network. Sharing [...]

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Network Reconstruction – The IT Support Miami Way

A company in South Florida had technical problems and asked their IT provider to recover their servers’ backup. The company’s network was unavailable. Its productivity was brought to a halt until the servers were up and running again. The IT provider did not manage to retrieve the backup for two full days and the backup [...]

Top 5 2017 Security Predictions

2017 will surely be a boom for cybercriminals who continue to push social engineering finding new ways to deliver malware, crack vulnerable databases and leverage mobile technology to find ways to get inside corporate defenses and target individuals. Passwords – much of recent DDoS caused by unchanged default passwords on IoT devices. Mitigate insider threats [...]

Brickell Managed IT Services

Brickell Computer Repair Go South to Miami Florida, and you’ll witness the emergence of another international banking center, in a neighborhood called Brickell. This is a rapidly-growing area just south of downtown that is central to the city’s banking culture—and, increasingly, its culture at large. As recently as the 1970s, Brickell was a low-slung neighborhood [...]

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Managed IT Services

More and more businesses are signing up for “Managed IT Services”! – Why? What does Managed IT Services actually mean and how can you tell if an IT Support company is not just using the word as a marketing tool, but is in fact only offering “flat rate” services packaged as “managed IT services”? Managed [...]

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How To Best Clean Up a Server Room Cabling Mess?

  Are you in need for a network wiring closet makeover? You will only appreciate well maintained network closet when something breaks. While working within a budget is certainly something one should consider, it must be understood that the difference in costs between CAT5e, CAT6 and optical fiber is insignificant compared to the costs involved [...]

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