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Sudden Low Storage Space: cab_* File Generation

Recently at IT Support Miami, one of our clients called in with an issue present on several of their computers. The client’s computers all had a significant amount of storage space suddenly occupied. These were 500+ GB hard drives that normally only held about 100 GB of data. Now the hard drives were almost completely [...]

CSS Directive Causes MS Outlook To Crash April 7 2017

Microsoft Outlook Denial of Service Microsoft Outlook is an email client used to send and receive email messages. Recently, SonicWALL received reports of a bug in MS Outlook, wherein a specially crafted email causes it to crash shortly after reading. The email to contain both text and html portions, as shown below: CSS Directive [...]

Ransomware can delete your Veeam backups

So, yes, let IT Support Miami be the first to tell you, Ransomware can delete your Veeam backups, it can wipe out entire backup repositories. VEEAM - it just works! The first significant evidence of this was found in February 2017 in Samas Ransomware. "Usually Ransomware does not delete backups, they usually encrypted [...]

One-Third of Corporate Cyber Attacks Succeed

Accenture Says One-Third of Corporate Cyber Attacks Succeed | Information Management Online (Bloomberg) -- About one-third of targeted attempts to breach corporations’ cyber defenses succeed but three-quarters of executives remain unaccountably confident in their security strategies, Accenture Plc. reported Wednesday in a survey of 2,000 security officers representing large enterprises worldwide. The “alarmingly high” failure [...]

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SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a popular protocol for network management. It is used for collecting information from, and configuring, network devices, such as servers, printers, hubs, switches, and routers on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Microsoft Windows Server provides SNMP agent software that works with third-party SNMP management software to monitor the status of [...]

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Why should I do updates?

Question: What are these computer updates that I keep hearing about, and why should I care?  Answer: If your computers and servers are updated properly, they can help keep your data safe, and will allow your employees to do their work. If they are not carefully screened, monitored, and installed properly, very bad things will [...]

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Patch Tuesday Security update for Group Policy KB3159398 MS16-072

It appears to be an issue with where a group policy has used an Active Directory Security group in the Security Filtering section. In that scenario the GPO's that are filtered to specific security groups do not apply, where as the GPO's which use the default Authenticated Users group in the security filtering do seem [...]

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