Sudden Low Storage Space: cab_* File Generation

Recently at IT Support Miami, one of our clients called in with an issue present on several of their computers. The client’s computers all had a significant amount of storage space suddenly occupied. These were 500+ GB hard drives that normally only held about 100 GB of data. Now the hard drives were almost completely [...]

We Want Your Feedback! Review Our Work

Our Google business account boasts a 5 star review rating. Our problem is that we only have 3 reviews! We understand that our clients are busy people who are always working. They expect rapid responses and effective solutions from our highly trained team of technicians. We like to believe that we deliver to our customers’ [...]

Ransomware Prevention – CryptoLocker

In the past few years, the word "ransomware" has been seen and used more and more. It is a word that has fueled fear campaigns advertising antivirus software, but most people don't know what it means. All they know is that it is a danger for their computers and the information on them. What [...]

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Unable to Connect to Remote Office Desktop

An IT Support Miami client contacted us because he was unable to connect to his remote office desktop using his home computer. This came as a surprise to the client and our technicians because he connected remotely daily using that same computer. This meant that there were several possible problems with his computer. Checking Connections [...]

Sharing Network Access Between Businesses Using VLANs

In high density office buildings, small businesses often have to share office space and sometimes resources. In one case, a company had excess office space and rented it out to another company. The new tenants suggested that they both use the same existing printer. This necessitated both businesses having access to the same network. Sharing [...]

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VPP Setup – Managing Multiple Apple Devices

For an enterprise to run smoothly, it needs to keep all of its employees on the same page. Many corporations provide their employees Apple devices with which to perform necessary tasks. Managing which apps are present on each device can be difficult, especially when a new app needs to be downloaded to all of them. [...]

Fix Dell RAID Server Issue: Orange/Amber HDD Light

Physical Server HDD Failures Occasional physical errors can occur when running any servers. HDDs (hard drive disks) can fail for a number of physical reasons. These reasons include - but are not limited to - power surges, sudden physical trauma like something hitting the server case or the rack falling over, water/humidity damage, and overheating. These [...]

How To Best Clean Up a Server Room Cabling Mess?

  Are you in need for a network wiring closet makeover? You will only appreciate well maintained network closet when something breaks. While working within a budget is certainly something one should consider, it must be understood that the difference in costs between CAT5e, CAT6 and optical fiber is insignificant compared to the costs involved [...]

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Hurricane Preparation Guide and Tips

Hurricane Watch   Upon the declaration of a hurricane watch you should take these initial precautionary steps to: Backup and Secure Data Files - Your data files are valued information assets. If you have access to a network File Server, it is recommended you copy critical information files to the server. Please limit file server [...]

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Bad Weather Preparedness List to Protect Your TECH Assets

As you are probably aware, “bad” weather may impact South Florida over the next few days. Although the specific direction and severity of the weather is yet to be determined, here is a short “bad” weather preparedness list to protect your IT assets. Check and run your backups. Take appropriate measures to secure your backups [...]

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