Sudden Low Storage Space: cab_* File Generation

Recently at IT Support Miami, one of our clients called in with an issue present on several of their computers. The client’s computers all had a significant amount of storage space suddenly occupied. These were 500+ GB hard drives that normally only held about 100 GB of data. Now the hard drives were almost completely [...]

We Want Your Feedback! Review Our Work

Our Google business account boasts a 5 star review rating. Our problem is that we only have 3 reviews! We understand that our clients are busy people who are always working. They expect rapid responses and effective solutions from our highly trained team of technicians. We like to believe that we deliver to our customers’ [...]

IT Support Software Showcase – Autotask

If you have worked with us at IT Support Miami, you know that we create tickets for every issue. Our ticketing system of choice is Autotask. From big to small, your issue will be on a ticket in which your technician can log details and time. This allows us to have all of the information [...]

Unable to Connect to Remote Office Desktop

An IT Support Miami client contacted us because he was unable to connect to his remote office desktop using his home computer. This came as a surprise to the client and our technicians because he connected remotely daily using that same computer. This meant that there were several possible problems with his computer. Checking Connections [...]

Fix Dell RAID Server Issue: Orange/Amber HDD Light

Physical Server HDD Failures Occasional physical errors can occur when running any servers. HDDs (hard drive disks) can fail for a number of physical reasons. These reasons include - but are not limited to - power surges, sudden physical trauma like something hitting the server case or the rack falling over, water/humidity damage, and overheating. These [...]

Symantec and Dell Embassy Trust Suite from Wave Systems Corp

If you attempt to  install Symantec's Cloud Endpoint solution and get the following error - must first remove "Embassy Trust Suite" from Wave Corp. Here is how you fix : Disclaimer: All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. The IT Support Miami Blog makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, [...]

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