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In today’s fast-moving IT landscape, Apple products are playing a significant role. Companies are integrating iPads, iPhones, Apple TVs and iMACs into their organization allowing for a richer user experience.  Until recently, Apple integration has been difficult since management controls have been lacking enterprise abilities. This is especially true for Healthcare were HIPAA and compliance regulations require complete control over patient information.

IT Support Miami provides a complete managed IT services for Apple products. Our  includes:

Simple Deployment

Our tools integrate with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program so to automatically enroll and configure new iPad devices or setup Apple TVs remotely. Get hundreds of devices configured, managed and deployed in minutes.

Remote Management & Healthcare Compliance

IT Support Miami provides ongoing device management with policy-based configuration profiles that automate tasks remotely addressing compliance and security. Compliance reports can be generated to demonstrate compliance with security standards (such as HIPAA) — an ability that helps mitigate regulatory compliance risks while streamlining audits.

Healthcare Integration

Healthcare workflow integration lets managed devices be remotely configured or wiped via HL7 commands.


IT Support Miami’s Enterprise Manage IT Services practice specializes in helping companies with implementing the managed IT.   IT Support Miami is an expert in Manage IT products and technologies. Let IT Support Miami start with an IT Assessment that provides the current state of your TECH, establishes a proven step by step plan detailing the costs and how to get to the next level – worry-free IT support.

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