dashboard picture of access points range wi-fi wireless site surveyWi-Fi wireless networks are everywhere. They are a critical component of most business infrastructures. They need to be examined, explained, and held accountable. IT Support Miami provides a complete Wireless Site Survey that shows you what’s going on inside your 802.11 network. Our Wi-Fi Site Survey provides advanced data collection and visualization capabilities that form a complete wireless LAN site survey solution that allows you to visualize the radio waves and demonstrate the effectiveness of your Wi-Fi coverage.dashboard picture of access points wi-fi wireless site survey

Wireless Site Survey collects detailed data on your network and surrounding networks and then visualizes that data. Each view is designed to reveal critical details about your network in an intuitive and informative way. The Wireless Site Survey reveals coverage voids, map any signal leakage from your building, discover the existence and location of rogue access points, map channel usage, determine effects of neighboring access points, visualize overlapping access point coverage, and much more.

IT Support Miami’s Wireless Site Survey assists you to plan and implement a Wi-Fi wireless network adapted to your environment, providing you a wireless solution that delivers the reception, speed, load-handling capability, Quality of Service, data protection, and hand-off ability your company needs. IT Support Miami’s Wireless Site Survey services are offered either as an affordable online service or as a more detailed on-premises service.wifi-Wireless-Site-Survey-dbm

IT Support Miami specializes in all facets of WiFi infrastructures including, but not limited to, indoor and outdoor access points, point-to-point or multi-point, wireless bridges and controllers for various size businesses within all types of industries. We use only the best products from Cisco, Ubiquiti, SonicWall, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, MikroTik and Meraki.