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As a lead project manager and a seasoned Microsoft enthusiast and professional, I have worked with IT Support Miami on many projects over the years and I have witnessed their proven track record for delivering hi-tech Microsoft solutions and reliable ongoing support services.

IT Support Miami is a Microsoft Partner (since 2001) that focuses on delivering Microsoft Virtualization and Cloud solutions. They focus on delivering the power of Microsoft Active Directory and the latest Windows Server technology like Remote Desktop Services and VDI. IT Support Miami empowers businesses of any size by providing enterprise level services – scalable, secure, and available. IT Support Miami provides IT Managed Services including Manage Security and Managed Monitoring and Patch management. IT Support Miami makes it easy for businesses to update and upgrade. Since the launch of Office 365, IT Support Miami has migrated over 200 business to the cloud and over 1000 users.

I highly recommend IT Support Miami for any business that is looking for quality IT integrators and Managed IT Services.

Luis Hernandez, Microsoft Corporation


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